An amp with a microphoneDo you need to set up a home recording studio of professional quality? It comes as no surprise that nowadays this can be accomplished securing the appropriate equipment while spending a relatively small amount of cash.

Digital Multi-track recorder as a Recording Device

The high profile studios would normally flaunt delays, reverbs, vocal processors, compressors, limiters, multi-track recorders and large sophisticated consoles to bring out the most startling audio recording. Well the truth is, today you can virtually have all these tools simply by acquiring an up to date software package or digital multi-track hardware. The digital multi-track recorder can provide a multi-purpose expandable solution to one’s home recording studio. That is to say that the tone controls, mixing board, equalizer and hard drive are all to be found in one compact independent unit. So if it weren’t for microphones and cables, this device would practically hold all the components needed to put together a great home recording.

Computers as a Recording Device

Due to their versatility and capability of becoming a recording workstation, computers are almost always used as home recording devices. In order to get stated, an integrated sound card will suffice. However if you would like to go a step further, a unique high-end sound card, with microphone pre-amps, a premium digital audio converter and MIDI input/output would turn out to be good investments.

Sequencing software is needed to record music on your computer. This type of software allows you to record MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and analog audio data from microphones or electronic instruments. Through this mechanism, you can add effects, mix and edit multiple tracks and export audio files to Compact Disk. Professional audio sequencing tools are available at various prices and there are options for those on a low budget.

Those seeking to set up a studio often start with microphones. Microphones are made especially for drums, piano or guitar. There are several of options; from the kinds you can buy at large retail stores, to more expensive brands like AKG and Neumann. Conversely, many individuals (although not recommended) seek out monitor speakers and headphones last of all. These devices are very important since they are responsible for transmitting the audio in the way it is recorded; a factor that is vital in evaluating the overall quality of your recording.

Picture: Gabriel Voluntas

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