A picture of the most popular smartphone iPhoneDetermining the most popular smartphones on the market is a task that can sometimes be quite daunting as much of the information obtained online is often tainted by reviewer manufacturer preferences or even a reviewer’s preference for specific features over others. The only real indication of popularity is retail sales and this is the most reliable data source.

However, this often becomes problematic as sales figures published by retailers do not reflect the entire retail market and manufacturer shipment figures are not reflective of current sales figures. All, in all, it is quite a complex task but by analysing all the data available from multiple retailers and telecom providers, it is possible to observe specific retail patterns.

Telecom Providers and Retailers

UK providers such as Vodafone and O2 (there are many more, of course) will all have user contracts that reduce the cost of a phone, if you agree to a certain call package for 12 months or more. All providers and retailer will provide a large range of smartphones, ranging from budget models to the high-end full-featured models favoured by business users. Retailers such as the Carphone Warehouse will also stock all models and manufacturers, often having special offers for models that have been superseded by newer releases.


It is obvious from global sales figures that the iPhone is truly a phenomenon and is the most popular smartphone on the planet. Second-hand sales are equally impressive and pre-orders for the next iPhone release will likely surpass existing sales, as many Apple users will immediately upgrade to the latest iPhone. As for the remaining smartphone market, the major players dominate. Android-based phones from Samsung, Motorola and HTC come next with other manufactures such as Nokia having a smaller share of the market,

Smartphone popularity is only an indication of the overall market trend and consumers are advised to check technical reviews of all models prior to purchase. If you require specific features on your smartphone, review all the options and select according to budget and set of features. Blindly upgrading to a new model based on manufacturer alone is not recommended.

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